Wandering through the streets of Italy, the crisp air whisks the hair while the sun kisses the golden skin. A trail of soft flowing fabric whispers through the crevices of the pebbled streets. The light glimmers through the intricate details. 
The romance of soft hues with the artistic silhouettes makes the heart race.

Inspired by the clean Italian silhouettes and style, the design philosophy of VW by Varsha Wadhwa, lies in using just that with the delicate embroidery work from India. The brand would be making ready-to-wear as well as custom-made womenswear, targeted to the modern global woman of today. A woman who is a true romantic at heart but independent.




Armed with a foundation in art and design from London College of Fashion and graduation in fashion design from Istituto Marangoni, Milano, While working as the head designer at a womenswear pret line, she was selected by FDCI as one of the top 10 designers of Gennext category in 2011.

From 2014, she began her own company called VW DESIGN CO., and dabbled a varied range of graphic, art, fashion styling, blog designing, websites and fashion projects in different medias including product explainer videos, presentation videos and graphic videos. And in 2016, she won the Young Achiever’s award in Luxury and lifestyle by Aparaajita, Sanmarg.

Fascinated by all her travels around the world, she now presents her own demi-couture womenswear line which exudes her personality and love for all things vintage and timeless.


 Demi-couture relates to the term “haute couture“, custom-made high sewing but is more classified under ready-to-wear in the fashion business.

We specialise and customise the "haute-est" trends with the classic touch to come up with unique and intricate pieces, with new silhouettes, surface treatments and embroidery. We love being inspired by a vast gamut of things - from paintings to photographers, to eras and even historical figures. Atelier-meets-departmental store vibe. There's something for everyone!